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Brain Chain presents its puzzle, in the form of one picture that illustrates two things that typically don’t go together. Both of the words in the illustration rhyme and your goal is to figure out what the words are, spell them out and move on to the next level. Each
puzzle is its own level. Batches of levels are together in sets. As you answer all of the puzzles in each set, a new set will unlock. Boosts are also available to help you along the way, as long as coins for social sharing correct puzzle answers.

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Brain Chain Answers

Brain Chain is the latest puzzle game from James Porter, the developer of Hollow Words, Hollow Films and Hollow Music. The twist with Brain Chain is that each puzzle has two hidden words. The two words always rhyme. Interpret the drawings to find the hidden words and use the provided letters to spell them. If you get stuck on any level, Brain Chain Answers is just where you want to be. We have cheats for all Sets and all levels. Just use the navigation to find the level you're stuck on and we'll give you the answer.